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Delta Variant And Liability To Protect In Workplaces

September 16, 2021

After the devastating COVID-19 pandemic, workplaces across the country saw significant changes. Adapting to the new norms of a post-COVID world can certainly be difficult. Employers face many challenges in […]

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Doctor Faces Lawsuit after Patient Dies of COVID-19

August 31, 2021

Can a doctor be sued for not taking what a patient believes is proper care? That’s the case in Tennessee where a woman is suing her family physician and a […]

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Medical Providers Who Spread Misinformation About COVID-19 Could Lose Medical License

August 25, 2021

At the end of July, the Federation of State Medical Boards (FSMB) warned physicians and other healthcare professionals that spreading COVID-19 vaccine misinformation on social media, online, and in the […]

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Vaccine Boosters Likely Needed: What You Need To Know

August 19, 2021

It appears that those who have received their COVID-19 vaccines are likely going to need additional shots. Vaccine maker Moderna has released a statement that those individuals who have received […]

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Most Commonly Asked Employment and COVID-19 Questions

August 5, 2021

With a new variant of the COVID-19 virus making its way across the globe, many employees and employers are bringing up questions of workers’ rights once more. Take a look […]

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Can I Sue the Government for Shutting Down My Business/Business Losses?

July 29, 2021

Many businesses during COVID-19 were forced to shut down due to the restrictions set by the government from the pandemic. As a business owner, you have the right to know […]

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If I Die From COVID-19, Can My Loved Ones Sue?

July 26, 2021

COVID-19 is a contagious disease caused by severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2 (SARS-CoV-2). Many families all over the world were affected by COVID-19 whether it was immediate family or […]

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Reasonable Accommodations to Return to Work

July 16, 2021

During these trying times, many people in the workforce are now moving out of COVID-19 restrictions and going back to the office for work. Your job should be safe for […]

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COVID-19 Vaccine Resource Guide

July 9, 2021

Coronavirus (COVID-19) is a virus that results in respiratory illness and is extremely contagious. However, with the recent surge of vaccines being administered, the number of cases/deaths has gone down […]

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Can I be fired for not returning to work post COVID-19 restrictions?

July 2, 2021

Despite the release of the COVID-19 restrictions and mask mandates, many Americans are still weary about returning to work amid the pandemic. With the vaccine not guaranteeing 100% immunity from […]

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