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New Booster Shot to Fight Omicron

Posted June 9, 2022

Moderna, one of the companies fighting to create vaccines to reduce, and one day hopefully end the spread of COVID-19, has developed a new booster shot. Pending FDA approval, this additional vaccine is said to specifically target the Omicron variant, a strain you weren’t as protected against with previous shots. With mixed emotions on the vaccines in general, let alone the following injections, the question will again arise on whether or not to receive the newest booster shot.

The Fight Against Omicron

When the Coronavirus first began, everyone was told to wait for the vaccine. Once that was administered, people would be able to return to normal lives and they would be safe once again. While this obviously takes time, and isn’t an immediate outcome, slowly but surely things began to improve in the currently unrecognizable world. Almost as quickly as things got better, variants of the strain emerged and vaccinated people were contracting COVID-19, some even still hospitalized. With boosters encouraged to fight the virus as effectively as possible, people still wondered if their vaccines were enough.

Moderna’s new shot is the news many people have been waiting to hear. With Omicron proving to be a variant many would get even with the original COVID-19 vaccine, people with underlying conditions, suppressed immune systems, or your everyday person still feared the virus. The vaccine, with test results showing strong protection against the variant, also showed to improve antibody levels for other existing strains. While still in testing, it is showing only minor side effects such as the ones that people have previously experienced from the other COVID-19 shots. The information on this shot is newly released, and data is not yet available to others. Planned to be submitted to the FDA in the coming weeks, Moderna’s vaccine is a frontrunner and is hoped to be released in the late summer to early fall.

Will Booster Shots Continue?

It’s no secret that people don’t look forward to going and getting shots, and this is only the smallest worry among people on the continuing boosters being developed. While some people didn’t even feel comfortable getting the original vaccine, many who have felt confident in their safety at first begin to worry more and more every time they must get another injection. If one thing has been made clear, it’s that boosters are needed to fight new variants, and those, unfortunately, aren’t slowing down.

The original form of the Coronavirus was caused by spiked protein. While the first vaccine targeted that combination of spiked protein, variants are forms of the disease that have mutations of this spiked protein, ones your first vaccine can’t fight. These mutations are not only said to be higher risk, but also more contagious, proving you can’t know how this virus will continue to act. These soundingly “new and improved” versions of the virus seem scary, but it is important to know that with new strands comes new science.

Did You Receive a Booster Shot and Still Got COVID?

If you or a loved one have received a booster shot but still contracted the Coronavirus, contact us today and find out if you have a case.

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