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Right now, we are working with clients across the nation who are in need of legal assistance during this global health event. We know you have questions and needs. Do not lose your voice out of fear of the unknown. Let us help fight for your rights. We have a blog dedicated to issues surrounding this health situation as well as resource pages for all of your legal needs. In addition, we have compiled resources for those who are in need of direct support.


Current figures report that nearly 22 million Americans have filed unemployment as a result of the current global health situation. Losing one’s job can naturally cause panic as you worry about how you will pay your bills, make rent, and support your family. For some, bankruptcy may be a valid option. If you are considering bankruptcy, contact us immediately. We can help you choose the best form for you and make sure your needs are met.

Business Litigation

Small businesses are the backbone of America. But when mandated shutdowns keep your doors closed and employees at home, you may wonder how you can stay afloat during this economic downturn.

We are here to help. Let us review your contracts, insurance policies, and any liability claims you may face during this uncertain time.

Class Action

There is great power and strength when we come together to fight a common cause. If you have been wronged by an employer, vendor, or business, you deserve justice. Let us work together to create a class action lawsuit that will propel your cause forward.

Criminal Defense

Though nationally crimes are on the downslope, many individuals are finding their rights infringed upon during the current global health situation. Our attorneys are working with clients across the country to represent their criminal defense needs from prisoners’ rights, assault charges, theft accusations, expedited bond needs, and more.

As one of the most at-risk groups in our nation right now, those who have been accused of crimes need a trusted criminal defense attorney that can help them through the adapted court procedures and ensure their rights have not been compromised as a result of emerging health changes in our world.


During this uneasy time, you may wonder what your rights are as an essential employee. Know that there is uncertainty for many, but your rights still matter. Unfortunately, some employers are neglecting those rights, leaving you to work in unsafe conditions, or failing to pay you the rates you rightfully deserve.

Let us handle your wage and hour violations, employee discrimination, unsafe work conditions, and workers’ compensation claims procured during this current health disruption. We can also review your independent contractor, 1099 contract as well as review your wrongful termination claims, and medical privacy violations.

Estate Planning

Your family’s needs for the future do not end because of these unforeseen worldly circumstances. For many families across the country, these needs are heightened because of the fear of the unknown. Many do not know who to trust with their estate planning needs and are feeling overwhelmed and pressured to create documents now. But you do not need to go it alone. Our nationwide estate planning firms can help you and your family navigate elder law and abuse, will and estate planning documents, and how to be more aware of scams as a result of the CARES Act.

Family Law

Family is everything, especially during a global health climate as easy as this. We know you want to protect your loved ones while also keeping life on track. If you are in the midst of a divorce, have concerns surrounding child custody and support, are facing domestic abuse, or simply want to use this time to draft a prenuptial or postnuptial agreement, we have lawyers across the nation ready to help you and your family.

Personal Injury

Personal injury cases tend to be complicated. But when yours occurs during or as a result of a global health situation, you may find yourself desperate for answers. Whether you have a medical malpractice claim, have questions about workers’ compensation, or are a truck driver needing advice on your rights after you sustained an injury as a result of long hours, know we are here for you.

Real Estate Litigation

At this time of chaos, the last thing anyone needs to worry about is the place they call home. Whether it’s a dispute between a landlord and tenant or issues making payments on your mortgage or rent, there are legal solutions available to you. Before you get further into debt, you’ll want to contact our real estate attorneys who are prepared to assist you during this time.

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