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Employee Rights

During the COVID-19 pandemic, with all of the uncertainty and unrest occurring around the world, you would expect a level of demure and compassion by your employers. But unfortunately, this has not been the case.

It is illegal for an employer to force you to work in unsafe conditions or not pay you for the extra hours you’ve been putting in. You have rights. Let us help you secure them.

Legal Rights for Healthcare Workers

You are on the frontlines of the pandemic. You are working long hours and being pushed to the limit. However, as has been the case in Chicago, where a nurse was given ineffective gear to protect herself from COVID-19, she was terminated for speaking out.

While there is a shortage of medical supplies across the country, there is still a level of security that should be provided to those in the most risk of danger every day. With facilities limiting the number of masks available and protective gear, where are those worker’s rights?

And what happens to them if they contract the illness?

If you work in healthcare and have questions about your legal rights, contact us today.

Families First Coronavirus Response Act: Employee Paid Leave Rights

The Families First Coronavirus Response Act (FFCRA or Act) requires certain employers to provide employees with paid sick leave or expanded family and medical leave for specified reasons related to COVID-19.

To be covered by this act, you must be employed by a public or private employer with fewer than 500 employees. Such protections this act offers includes:

  • Two weeks (up to 80 hours) of paid sick leave at the employee’s regular rate of pay where the employee is unable to work because the employee is quarantined and/or experiencing COVID-19 symptoms and seeking a medical diagnosis.
  • Two weeks (up to 80 hours) of paid sick leave at two-thirds the employee’s regular rate of pay because the employee is unable to work due to needing to care for an individual subject to quarantine, or to care for a child whose school or child care provider is closed for reasons related to COVID-19
  • Up to an additional 10 weeks of paid expanded family and medical leave at two-thirds the employee’s regular rate of pay where an employee, who has been employed for at least 30 calendar days, is unable to work due to a need for leave to care for a child whose school or child care provider is closed or unavailable for reasons related to COVID-19.

Can I Be Required to Work From Home or Can I Ask To?

As part of a control strategy to stop the spread of illness, an employer may encourage or require employees to telework.

In addition, if you feel you cannot safely continue to work on-site, you may be able to come up with reasonable accommodations with your employer. However, some employees have done this and have been terminated because of it. Before broaching the subject with your employer, look into your employee handbook or contact a trusted employee rights attorney today.

I’ve Been Working More, But My Paycheck Doesn’t Reflect That.

While certain demographics of the work are entitled to certain rights, your employer must compensate you for the hours worked. If your employer claims that they have reduced your pay, while you are still working, but you have not been amply notified, you may have a case of abuse of employee rights.

If you are fearful that continuing to work in our current climate puts you at risk, or your employer is making unreasonable requests due to the COVID-19 pandemic, call us today. Our employee rights attorneys all over the nation are waiting to take your case.

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