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Prisoner Rights

With nationwide mandates to follow social distancing, there are groups of individuals who cannot do that, placing them at risk for contracting COVID-19. Prisoners in America are forced into close proximity with one another, increasing their risk. In addition, many of these incarcerated individuals are in the at-risk category for age, underlying conditions, and previous drug and alcohol abuse.

While they stand behind bars, what is being done to protect them and ensure that their rights are not being infringed upon? If you have a loved one in prison or you are facing jail time, do not let your rights go unnoticed. We can help. Our nationwide prison injury lawyers are here to fight for your loved ones. 


Across the country, states are utilizing an expedited bond hearing process to release prisoners most at risk of contracting COVID-19, but who have committed nonviolent offenses.

In addition, some states are looking at pre-trial parole, early release, and more to help minimize the number of inmates at risk of contracting COVID-19.


According to, “Lowering jail admissions reduces “jail churn” — the rapid movement of people in and out of jails — and will allow the facility’s total population to drop very quickly.”

This includes no longer bringing individuals in for misdemeanor charges, not prosecuting those with low-level nonviolent offenses, and stopping admission into state prisons.

The hope is if there are fewer inmates entering and leaving the facility, the risk of the spread of COVID-19 in those prisons where the coronavirus is present, will start to subside. With a decrease in the spread, the less likely injury and illness are to occur in the prison.


In many states, inmates may earn 14 to 63 cents per hour which they can then use towards physician visits, medications, and testing. However, when these visits are $2 to $5, this becomes costly and nearly impossible for them to seek medical care.

To combat this, some states are considering the removal of co-pays for medical visits and treatment, however, this has not been done across the country.


To stop the exposure of COVID-19 in prisons, many facilities have stopped all visitation with family and friends to see inmates at this time. However, not many have made efforts to allow inmates to virtually connect with their loved ones. While we know the physical risk of illness and injury is present in these criminal systems, the emotional trauma it causes can be far worse.

It is a human need to feel love and support. And when the system stops that, your worth may feel diminished. Our prison injury lawyers can help you in this time of need.


For prisoners in the United States, a nation with so many resources available to us, we would hope that there are protections afforded to those within the system, who are subjected to the decisions of others.

If you or your loved one is in a prison facility and is not being treated humanely during the outbreak of COVID-19, contact us. No matter the crime you have committed, you are a person and you have value. The law doesn’t end because of COVID-19 and your rights still matter. Contact us today to speak with a prison injury lawyer.

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