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Events Requiring Vaccination

Posted July 20, 2022

In 2020, the world shut down due to COVID-19. People worked from home, FaceTimed family and friends for safe quality time, ordered delivery food instead of heading to restaurants, and canceled all non-crucial plans they had previously made. Life as we knew it had quickly taken this completely different form, all to keep us safe from a virus we, at the time, knew little about. 

Flashforward to 2022, we now know more about the virus, have vaccines to keep us safe, and many other contributing factors that have finally added up to help us return to our old lives. The catch is, some things still and might always look a little different than they did pre-coronavirus, one thing being attractions requiring vaccination. 

Athletic Events

Excited to switch out watching sports on TV for heading to the stadium yourself? Proof of vaccination is spreading like wildfire in the sporting world, and this is something you may need before going to cheer on your favorite team. Before the start of the 2021 football season, the Las Vegas Raiders became the first team to take this step. 

Their rules were simple. All fans planning to attend a home game must be vaccinated, and because of those precautions, masks were not required to be worn. This also allowed them to fill the stadium to full capacity, as it was before the virus had begun. A packed stadium with no masks in sight, while still ensuring the safety and protection of all their loyal fans felt like a win-win situation. 

The team has also made sure this process was as easy as possible. Proof of vaccination was simply reported on a free app prior to the game, and vaccination sites were set up on-site for fans who weren’t vaccinated, the Raiders making sure they were giving everyone every chance possible. 


Concerts are also one of the many events enforcing new rules, per the artist or band’s decision. Many musicians have come forward and said they will only perform for the vaccinated or people if they have a recent negative COVID-19 test, for the safety of everyone. Some to make this decision have been:

  • Maroon 5 
  • Dead & Co, featuring John Mayor 
  • The Foo Fighters
  • Phish
  • Bonnaroo Music Festival 

Additionally, Live Nation ruled that vaccinations or a negative COVID-19 test would be required for any performers, crew, or attendees of their venues or festivals. All employees working for Live Nation are additionally required to be vaccinated, making this decision a lifestyle for them. This mindset follows their Lollapalooza success, where they enforced the same rules before making them official for all of their other events. 

Live Nation president and CEO Michael Rapino stated, “Vaccines are going to be your ticket back to shows, and as of October 4th, we will be following the model we developed for Lollapalooza and requiring this for artists, fans, and employees at Live Nation venues and festivals everywhere possible in the U.S.” 

Events Requiring Vaccination Varying on Location

While many Coronavirus rules are the same throughout the country, places that most commonly have different rules are large cities, due to how much more populous these areas are. These rules tend to apply to gyms, movie theaters, restaurants, or even any indoor activity for some places. Areas that have taken this precaution include but are not limited to:

  • Boston
  • Philadelphia
  • New York City
  • San Francisco 
  • New Orleans

Although rules on vaccinations are strict in these areas, they are not as permanent as certain events, such as NFL games requiring vaccinations. They are put in place during spikes for the safety of all citizens, but this is not to say they won’t be relaxed when things become more stable. This is comparable to mask mandates lasting longer in cities, but still leaving eventually. 

Your Safety While Requiring Vaccination

During these trying times, the world becomes a scary place, and you need people to fight for you. If you feel you have been put at risk in a place that has falsely stated the precautions they would take, contact COVID-19 Injury lawyers today. 

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