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Workplace Whistleblower Protections Become Latest Concern in COVID-19 Era

Posted September 14, 2020

Bloomberg Law reports that as employers grapple with COVID-19-related workplace safety concerns, state and local laws across the country have adapted whistleblower protections for employees. However, the question remains–is it enough?

An August inspector general report highlighted that the toughest challenges in the workplace whistleblower protection fight are the delay employees are experiencing from the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA).

There had been a reported 30% increase in employee whistleblower complaints filed with OSHA from February 1 through May 31 with 39% of those pertaining to employers’ actions regarding the virus itself.

As whistleblower complaints flood the system, states have taken it upon themselves to revamp their protections for employees who voice concerns of wrongdoing by their employers. Since the onset of COVID-19, Colorado, Virginia, and the city of Philadelphia have joined 24 states who have extended whistleblower protection to private-sector employment.

You can learn more about your city and states specific whistleblower protections at the United States Department of Labor website.

While this is a positive change for many employees, there is still room for improvement. Activists are calling upon states to expand their whistleblower protections in the face of the novel coronavirus.

Though employers fear COVID-19 fraud in the workplace, that doesn’t mean employees should fear retaliation for rightful concerns.

Whistleblower Protections

Whether you are a frontline worker in the throes of the horrors of COVID-19 or an employee recently returning to the workplace after months of extended stay at home orders, know that you have a right to voice your concerns and stand up for your health and safety in the workplace.

If you and a group of coworkers feel as though your employer has not done enough to protect your best interests during this tumultuous time, stand together. We can help you develop a class action lawsuit against your employer.

In addition, if your employer has retaliated against you for speaking up against wrongdoing, our employee rights attorneys can work with you in your retaliation claim, wrongful termination, or wage and hour violations claim.

Now is the time to act. If you are in need of legal guidance and protection, we can help.

COVID-19 Injury Lawyers: Whistleblower Protections, Retaliation

If your employer is making unreasonable requests due to the COVID-19 pandemic, has retaliated against you for calling attention to unjust actions, or has violated your rights, contact us today. Our employee rights attorneys all over the nation are waiting to take your case.

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