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Tuition Refunds Still Looming As A Result Of Covid-19 Shutdowns

Posted June 10, 2021

For the last year, colleges and universities have been virtual learning by using Zoom and posting assignments on websites like Canvas and Dashboard. Due to the fact that college classes are not in person like they once were, students have been wondering what they were paying for with tuition. Tuition covers the price of classes and on-campus academic life. According to the Associated Press, there have been two cases filed against the University of Delaware for refunds due to the lack of academic life and use of the campus. The court ruled that they did not have the right to have a refund but they can receive reimbursement for student fees that covered services they did not receive. 

The University of Delaware examples above are just two of the cases that courts have dealt with in regards to tuition. There have been more than 300 filed cases of students and parents demanding a refund due to the on-campus fees. Judges dismissed most cases because these suits are “without merit,” according to Inside Higher ED. Ten percent of the school’s budget is allotted to the maintenance of campuses and campus life. Due to the fact that campuses did not need maintenance because of mandated shutdowns, students are now feuding for a refund. Although select students in certain majors did have access to campuses, the majority of campuses were shut down. 

There are other non-collegiate schools that are experiencing this refund issue such as private or Catholic elementary and high schools that charge tuition as well. The nationwide average private school tuition costs $11,173 for grade school. For high schools, the average tuition cost is $14,978. Since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, parents have asked these schools if they are entitled to a discount or refunds due to the fact that the kids are learning from home. The answer to this question is in the contract that the schools make you sign before enrolling your child. There is a way to see if you are entitled to a discount or refund that can be seen in the contract. If it is not necessarily stated in the contract, advertising or other paperwork can give a more clear picture of where you stand. 


If you or your child’s school is refusing to refund partial tuition costs due to the COVID-19 pandemic, contact the COVID-19 Injury Lawyers. You may have a case. Our attorneys are standing by to review your rights.

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