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Nurses’ Eligibility for Workers’ Compensation in Question

Posted May 22, 2020

A firefighter develops lung cancer. It’s obvious that smoke inhalation and years of service caused his injuries. He needs time off to get treatment and hopefully make a full recovery. No one questions that he developed the disease on the job. It’s apparent that it could happen. So he files a workers’ compensation claim and is given coverage.

A nurse has been working on the frontline of COVID-19. Day after day, she works long hours, reusing personal protective equipment (PPE) because of supply shortages. She’s tired and she’s following all of the rules, all of the regulations so she doesn’t get sick. When her shift is done, she isolates from others, unsure of what contagions may linger on her clothing. When she goes to the grocery store, she wears a mask, gloves, washing her hands, and follows all of the CDC guidelines. But then she gets the coronavirus. Though she is young and otherwise healthy, she ends up in the ICU, fever spiking, and needing a ventilator to survive. She recovers, but the damage to her lungs has left her needing more time. She files a workers’ compensation claim. She is denied. The reason? They can’t prove she didn’t contract the illness at the grocery store.

This may sound like a ridiculous narrative. But the reality is that this is happening every day. Nurses across the country are putting their lives on the line to protect your loved ones. But when they need protection, the legislation fails them. What can be done?

PPE Production

On April 11, the Defense Production Act Title 3 COVID-19 Project had pushed through a bill that will utilize a $133 million investment to increase U.S. domestic N95 mask production by over 39 million over the next 90 days. While this is protecting nurses and those working within the facilities, it still does not cover those who had been exposed to the virus without the proper gear.

Healthcare Injuries: Nurses Workers’ Compensation Claims

Nurses take on their jobs knowing the risks involved. They will work near those who have infectious diseases, they will witness suffering, they are exposed to radiation and hazardous waste. 

It is estimated that the average workers’ compensation claim payment for nurses is less than the average payout of $21,000. In addition, nurses lose out on wages because they are required to use their sick leave to heal instead of a payout. Studies show that nearly 50% of all workers’ compensation claims by nurses are denied completely. 

Nurses Impacted by COVID-19: Let Us File Your Workers’ Comp Claim

Nurses, first responders, essential workers: We stand with you. If you have been injured as a result of COVID-19, allow us to handle your workers’ compensation claim. It will be a difficult battle, but one that is worth fighting for, as you have worked tirelessly for us. Contact us today. We have personal injury attorneys across the nation waiting to take your case.

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