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Holyoke Soldiers’ Home: Nursing Home Abuse, Employee Rights

Posted June 29, 2020

A Massachusetts nursing home is under fire for the tragic number of residents who have died from COVID-19. Officials with Massachusetts Executive Office of Health and Human Services reported that 97 veterans have died while in the care of Holyoke Soldiers’ Home. Now, families want answers.

Of the veterans who died while in the care of Holyoke Soldiers’ Home:

  • 76 tested positive for COVID-19
  • 18 tested negative
  • 1 unknown
  • 2 recovered

While these numbers are changing daily, families are wondering why reports are now surfacing that the nursing home knew well in advance that the global health crisis would appear in the facility.

In an article from WBUR, it was reported that the Health and Human Services department had known about the coronavirus outbreak in the Holyoke Soldiers’ Home sooner than reported. Emails and health records highlight that the department may have known as much as 24 hours sooner than the official statement claims. But why?

Email records confirm that the situation in Holyoke had been known as the president of the SEIU Local 888 and other union leaders had been trying to get management to share the home’s infection control plans and to get employees’ personal protective equipment (PPE).

In addition to the management at Holyoke Soldiers’ Home not taking the necessary actions and precautions, they were drastically undersupplied for the tragedy that would ensue.

In an email from one union representative, he claims:

“…dying Veterans did not have enough morphine during their passing, they have to take morphine from either Veterans in Hospice, or already passed Veterans….. that the young worker who had to place [four] Veterans that passed last night into body bags was denied some personal time…Instead they made a delivery of additional body bags to the units for the deaths to come.”

Despite best efforts, it seems some members of the state government wanted to keep the deaths a secret. Now, employees, family members of residents, and staff are wondering what will be done in Holyoke Soldiers’ Home.

While investigations are occurring to find out what went wrong inside the nursing facility, that still leaves employees of the facility and family members of deceased and ill residents looking to get justice of their own.

If you are an employee of Holyoke Soldiers’ Home or another nursing home facility that faced similar employee rights violations or have a loved one in such a facility, do not wait to get legal help.

In situations where coverups are occurring and information is being hidden, your loved ones should not be left to suffer. Officials knew this was coming but did nothing to stop it. Nursing home negligence and employment violations are no small matter, especially in times like this.

Holyoke Soldiers’ Home Investigation

The novel coronavirus has proven that even in the most horrific times, some members of society will continue to take advantage of and cast away our population’s most vulnerable. If you have a loved one who passed away in the Holyoke Soldiers’ Home or are an employee who felt like your health and safety were not accounted for, contact us today. Our nationwide attorneys will take your case and seek justice for all of those involved.

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