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Can I Sue the Government for Shutting Down My Business/Business Losses?

Posted July 29, 2021

Many businesses during COVID-19 were forced to shut down due to the restrictions set by the government from the pandemic. As a business owner, you have the right to know the laws regarding government ordinances concerning shutting down your business. The government can apply restrictions to business owners during COVID-19 to keep people safe, but it’s in the ordinances of whether you broke those restrictions. Learn what restrictions were set by the government.

Government/State Restrictions

These are restrictions that every business owner should be aware of during COVID-19 that were set by your state/government.

  • All workers should wear masks (unless respirators or facemasks are required) in accordance with CDC and Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) guidance and any state or local requirements.
  • Policies and practices for social distancing should be implemented in the workplace.
  • Workplaces are to conduct a hazard assessment of the workplace.
  • Workplaces are to conduct daily health checks.
  • There must be a distance of 6 feet between people.
  • The workplace must regulate its occupancy levels.

Your state/government may have different restrictions. Make sure you look when the date of closure was and what the restrictions were at the time for your state.

Making a Claim Against Government Regulations

There are underlying factors in what would make a case. These include:

  • Non-essential business closures (if they were essential).
  • There have also been cases where the length of a business’s closure was relevant. States with longer-term closures should think about this.
  • If the harm of the business is economically overbearing and heavy, as is the case for many businesses during coronavirus, there could be different outcomes than what you would normally see.

These are just factors that would be different in making cases for your business.

Suing the Government For Business Losses

Everyone who had businesses in COVID-19 had some losses. Those losses greatly affected the economy and forced those businesses to close indefinitely. This then forced those business owners to have an overwhelming amount of debt on their shoulders. You can sue in fact for business losses, but you would have to prove these items:

  • That there were damages to the business
  • That the loss of income was due to the government

There must be documentation of all of these items above in order to file the case in court.

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