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Last Minute Changes to College to Combat COVID-19 Have Students, Parents Scrambling

Posted August 25, 2020

As colleges and universities across the country commence classes once more, outbreaks on campus, delayed testing, and concerns over social distancing protocol have many colleges making adjustments to the semester. Unfortunately, the constant changes have many students and parents scrambling to adjust plans.

While many institutions had hoped to commence some classes in-person, many have made the abrupt decision to hold classes virtually until more data is made available about the spread of COVID-19 on college campuses.

Though establishing the academic schedule is one hurdle, it hasn’t been the most complicated as students at Cornell and New York University quickly found out.

For students who came to NYU from 30 of the quarantine listed states, they were made to isolate for 14 days upon moving into their dorms—this included having meals being delivered to them via food service workers at the university. Unfortunately, students found out their college meal plan was not as delicious as hoped.

Some students shared viral TikTok videos which highlighted rotting food, skippy meals, and rooms even being missed for a day or more without food. Though NYU has since apologized for the mistake and has brought more workers on to combat the issue, parents and students alike are fed up.

As such, many are questioning: Should we even be here?

And rightfully so, as other campuses across the United States are combating back to school parties off-campus that have made the spread of COVID-19 even more likely. Though universities tout tough fines and even bans from campus, for many institutions the damage has already been done.

But for the students who abide by rules and fall victim to the foolish behavior of their peers, what rights do they have? And what will be the redress if colleges must close early as they had in the spring?

Colleges Should Prepare For Lawsuits

Attorneys across the country are urging colleges and universities to prepare for a slew of COVID-19 related lawsuits as classes commence. While some will be found without merit, many will have valid legal standing, especially because of the amount of time universities have had to prepare for the new academic year.

While these are uncertain times, even though across the country there has been a decline in COVID-19 cases, our students’ education and safety is not one to be taken lightly. And for many families, they argue that universities have not done their part to protect students.

COVID-19 Injury Lawyers: Justice For College Students

The start of a new academic year, especially a new college year, should be one of excitement and opportunity. However, if your university or college fails to adequately prepare for the complications of COVID-19, know that you have rights. Tuition costs and room and board contracts all have fine print that universities hope you don’t read. But we will.

If you have been failed by your university, contact us today. Your education matters.

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