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If I Die From COVID-19, Can My Loved Ones Sue?

Posted July 26, 2021

COVID-19 is a contagious disease caused by severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2 (SARS-CoV-2). Many families all over the world were affected by COVID-19 whether it was immediate family or intermediate. If you are wondering how you can get justice for yourself, family, or loved ones, the COVID-19 Injury Lawyers are here to help. We will help you determine if your loved ones can sue if you or a loved one dies from the COVID-19 virus or related complications.

We have provided the measures below to help you.

Refunded Funeral Costs

A lot of loved ones don’t know this but, the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) is providing up to $9,000 per funeral for people who lost multiple family members to COVID-19. They are eligible to apply for up to $35,000 for funds to help cover funeral costs, including interment and cremation. In order to get these funds, the death would have had to occur between Jan. 20, 2020, to Dec. 31, 2020. You must apply in order to be considered as a recipient of FEMA.

Proper Steps Of Having COVID-19 To Make A Case

It is hard to say who does and does not have a right to sue. There are underlying factors in what would make a case. These include:

  • The preventive steps you or your loved one took.
  • How COVID-19 was transmitted to you or your loved one.
  • Procedures of healthcare you or your loved one received after contracting the virus.

You have to show proof of the prevention steps you followed, the vaccination you got, and/or why you were away from work for a period of time due to COVID-19.

This is how you would provide documentation proving your claim.

Precautions are crucial when it comes to COVID-19 lawsuits. People often think that it is just the standard distance of 6 feet from people, but there are more precautions to follow than just distancing. You must be able to show:

  • You were wearing a mask everywhere;
  • Using hand sanitizer;
  • Using disinfectant;
  • Were not around people gathered in places by choice;
  • Not using public transportation such as buses by choice;
  • Not being around a multitude of people at work by choice.

COVID-19 transmission is difficult to prove because sometimes you are not sure how you or a loved one contracted it. Medical professionals such as doctors, can’t tell you where you got it from because transmission of this disease spreads quickly, whether it’s through the air or on surfaces. If you or a loved one were around someone that just received a positive test result, it is likely to say that you contracted it from them. In a workplace, you can request documentation from your employer stating they did have a positive case, when it happened, and how it could spread to another employee. They also should show what they did after finding out that one of their employees had a positive case and how they put precautions in place to avoid further spread.

Another step is producing a record of the procedures by healthcare workers you or a loved one received while having COVID-19. You should have medical documentation of this from your doctor in what they did for you in that timeframe.

Throughout COVID-19, it has been common for hospitals to be overcrowded, with many people not being treated fast enough due to the low quantity of rooms and beds the hospital had. If you or your loved one were one of those people, you may be able to find out when you arrived at the hospital, what time you were seen, and what time you were given any kind of treatment.

Kinds of Cases That Can Be Liable For Suing.

  • Hospital (Healthcare-Assistance Case)
  • Employer (Work-Related Case)
  • Doctor Office (Doctor-Related Case)
  • University/College (Housing and Class Case)
  • Schools (Class Case)
  • Nursing Homes (Care-Assistance Case)

The COVID-19 Injury Lawyers are willing to help you if you have a case related to COVID-19!

The COVID-19 Injury Lawyers work around the clock to provide their clients with the experienced representation they need to get the best judgment or settlement for their case. Contact COVID-19 Injury Lawyers to get the representation you deserve.

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