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How to Handle Joint Custody In COVID-19

Posted April 27, 2020

As states across the nation maintain stay at home orders through May, divorced couples are continuing to navigate the issue of shared custody. How can parents maintain social distancing practices while children are being passed from home to home? We understand how difficult joint custody can be to navigate during COVID-19. We’re here to help protect you and your family.

How Social Distancing Can Complicate Joint Custody

It is critical to understand that unless you and your ex come to an agreement of alternative custody plans, the court will not excuse withholding visitation between parents and children. While parents can create a child modification plan, if you have not done so, you need to adhere to the court prescribed agreement.

But you may have concerns for your child. In those cases, you may be able to come up with a temporary custody arrangement with your ex, especially if:

  • You or your ex has been exposed to someone with COVID-19
  • You or your ex has symptoms of COVID-19
  • You or your ex has a job which may leave them frequently exposed to COVID-19
  • Your child is high-risk

Emergency Joint Custody Orders During COVID-19

If any of the above situations pertain to you, you and your ex may strongly consider an emergency custody order to best protect your child.

While it may be difficult to come to an agreement, it’s imperative that you put the needs of your child first. During this unprecedented time, parents may utilize variations of communication while creating temporary custody orders such as:

  • Working with the child’s doctor to see what practices will keep the child most safe
  • Postponing in-person visits for a set amount of time such as 14 days after exposure, etc.
  • Utilizing technology for daily calls or video chats 
  • Communicating via application based messengers or text messages

If your child’s health is truly at risk, and you and your ex cannot come to an agreement, it may be time to have a legal intervention. Though many family law attorneys are working virtually, they are still handling custody cases and disagreements. Many courts are also closed, only hearing the most critical of cases. However, if your child’s health is in danger, some courts may find that to be critical. You will need the legal guidance of an experienced family law attorney who has knowledge of the court system to guide you.

Stay Informed on COVID-19 Legal Changes

During this unprecedented medical crisis, the courts are adapting almost daily to new, emerging challenges. It is important that you stay informed on your state’s mandates and follow proper family law guidance. 

However, if you need legal advice because you fear for your child’s well-being, contact us.

Get COVID-19 Child Custody Advice From Trusted Family Law Attorneys Today.

Navigating custody alone during this uncertain time can be difficult, especially if your ex is not being compliant with mandates and is unwilling to be flexible. But we’re here to help. We are working with family law attorneys across the country to handle your COVID-19 child custody disputes. Contact us today.

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